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checklist and maps for corn whiskey river

sleeping bag sleeping pad/mattress/cot sleeping pills
whiskey (2) water filter
fishn fear
(beef, deer, elk, turkey, whistlepig)

howtagit ta corn whiskey river

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234 mi – about 5 hours 4 mins

4. Merge onto I-25 N via the ramp to Ft Collins
55.1 mi
5. Take exit 265 for Harmony Rd
0.2 mi
6. Turn left at CO-68 W/Co Rd 38/E Harmony Rd
Continue to follow CO-68 W/E Harmony Rd
1.5 mi
7. Turn right at Ziegler Rd
1.8 mi
8. Continue onto E Co Rd 42/E Drake Rd
Continue to follow E Drake Rd
1.4 mi
9. Turn right at Eastwood Dr
230 ft
10. Turn left to stay on Eastwood Dr
36 ft
11. Continue onto Creekwood Dr
0.2 mi
12. Turn left at Tanglewood Dr
0.3 mi
13. Turn left at Buttonwood Dr
308 ft
14. Take the 1st left onto Brookwoods Dr
0.1 mi
15. Take the 2nd right onto Parkwood Dr
0.3 mi
16. Continue onto Columbia Rd
1.0 mi
17. Turn right at US-287 N/S College Ave
Continue to follow US-287 N
5.9 mi
18. Turn right at CO-14 W/US-287 N
Continue to follow US-287 N
6.2 mi
19. Turn right to stay on US-287 N
Entering Wyoming
53.4 mi
20. Merge onto I-80 W via the ramp to Rawlins
1.8 mi
21. Take exit 311 for WY-130/WY-230/Snowy Range Rd
0.3 mi
22. Turn left at WY-130 W/WY-230 W/Snowy Range Rd
0.8 mi
23. Turn right at WY-130 W/S Hayes St/Snowy Range Rd
Continue to follow WY-130 W
27.7 mi
24. Head northwest on WY-130 W/Snowy Range Rd toward Old State Hwy 130
Continue to follow WY-130 W
This road may be seasonally closed
40.3 mi
25. Turn left at WY-230 E
10.1 mi
26. Continue onto WY-70 W
0.9 mi
27. Turn right at 6th St
0.3 mi
28. Turn left at WY-70 W/Mac Farlane Ave
Continue to follow WY-70 W
5.9 mi
29. Turn left at Forest Service Rd 550
3.6 mi
30. Turn right at Forest Service Rd 405
0.7 mi
31. Continue onto Forest Service Rd 550
0.5 mi
32. Continue onto Co Rd 550
1.5 mi
33. Continue onto Forest Service Rd 550
2.8 mi
34. Continue straight onto Forest Service Rd 552 G
0.4 mi
35. Continue onto Forest Service Rd 550
7.5 mi

behold. corn whiskey river.

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